Catalyst for Impact


"Stimulate Change Or Action"


"Create An Effect Or Influence"

Catalyst for Impact


"Stimulate Change Or Action"


"Create An Effect Or Influence"

Approach to Giving

Innovation and Taking risk on new solutions to old problems

A focus on systems change

Backing the leader with multi year commitments

Collaboration and avoiding overlap and inefficiencies

Scalable Solutions


We’ve been tackling solutions and new thinking across four interest areas

Social Mobility in Scotland

From an open call in 2020, six charities working in Scotland on issues related to Social Mobility were chosen as partners with a 5-year commitment to financial backing and support.

Medical & Health

Backing unique research into areas such as drug vaccine delivery and teaching surgeons in war medicine.

Environmental Research

Backing innovative research into environmental research and Carbon removal.


Backing Leaders in the field of incubating and advising on Scaling Social enterprises.

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