Call for Concept Notes



The Catalyst for Impact Fund (CIF) wishes to support the development of a selected
group of ambitious charities and social enterprises in Scotland focused, or planning
to focus on a number of important aspects of Social Mobility in Scotland.

The CIF has been established by Donald Porteous, a Scot who had a successful
career Trading Oil in London and Chicago. He comes to philanthropy with an
entrepreneurial view, prepared to take risk and invest in new ideas which will be a
catalyst for material impact in Social Mobility in Scotland.

The Fund will be managed by Muirhead Advisory.

How the Fund Will Work

The CIF will support partners with grant funding and capacity development, typically
over a 3/5-year period. The Fund will proactively seek partnership opportunities and
will also welcome open proposals from the wider voluntary sector.

Registered Charities and Social Enterprises working in Scotland to address the fund
priorities listed below are invited to apply. To realise these ambitions the resources
available can be used to build organisational capacity, improve operational
effectiveness, and increase leadership skills.


Fund Priorities

Please show how your future plans, developed with regard to diversity and
inclusivity, will address one or more of the following:

• Support young people with high potential from low income backgrounds to
access appropriate education and career opportunities.

• Build entrepreneurial skills and resilience in young people.

• Provide services which address digital exclusion.

• Works in rural communities to improve educational attainment, develop social
capital and increase opportunity.

• Increase global connectivity to maximise opportunities for young people.

• Create pathways to education and training for lone parents/work returners to
increase household income level.

Important Factors

When selecting partners for the Fund the following qualities will be important:

• Excellent leadership with high ambition and entrepreneurialism.

• Openness to collaborate to avoid duplication and overlap and deliver value.

• Evidence of user engagement in service design/improvement, particularly
locally developed solutions to local challenges.

• Display evidence that mental health and well-being have been considered in
development of solutions.

• Understanding of local connectivity and use of community skills/assets.

• Possibilities of leveraging Fund support.

• Plans for sustaining/further development beyond the period of Fund support.

Funding Matters

CIF wishes to be an active partner; aiming to be flexible as to how funding provided
is used to further your aims. Grants of between £20 – 80,000 annually are proposed
to selected partners for periods up to 5-years, these might be used to:

• Develop further a program which has already been tested/proven internally
and has the potential to scale/replicate.

• Extend existing programs to reach different Fund priority groups.

• Explore international solutions and potentially ‘import’ models to Scotland
which have been proven elsewhere.

• Forge new partnerships/mergers with a view to providing a more
efficient/comprehensive solutions.

Funds cannot be used for:

• Advancement of religion or politics

• Retrospective funding i.e. costs already incurred/activities already taken place

Next Steps

To apply, please forward an initial short Concept Note (one-side A4) describing
your work and how a partnership with CIF could develop this further to –

Please also attach your organisation’s most recent financial reports and a link to
your website – the closing date for submission is 6th October 2020.

There is no need to request a detailed sum/period of support at this stage. All
concept notes received will be acknowledged, and where required a meeting
scheduled on Zoom/Skype to discuss further. By late 2020 a ‘short-list’ of applicants
will be identified and invited to submit detailed plans. Muirhead Advisory will provide
support/guidance during this stage, after which final funding decisions will be made.